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Country Bumpkin’s

August 2, 2012

Country Bumpkin’s

This summer during the great rains, one of the news stations had a story about a tiny restaurant tucked between Cypress and Tomball. People braved floodwaters to get there.  If you hadn’t been there, you’d probably think those out in the deluge slightly nuts, but it is a pretty damn good burger ……

The restaurant is Country Bumpkin’s.  Not my kind of name….at all….but it is my kind of burger.  Country Bumpkins is nestled on Telge Road out in the middle of nowhere.  It’s itty-bitty—I think I counted only seven or eight tables—and it’s only open Thursdays through Saturdays, although hopefully their open days will increase.

Their specialty burger is the Bumpkin Burger:  a double sandwich combination of a smoky chopped brisket and a cheeseburger.  The buns are toasted and the veggies are fresh.  Another incredible burger treat is the Ring of Fire:  this cheeseburger uses pepper jack, the veggies include jalapenos, the mayonnaise is SPICY and it’s topped off with an onion ring.  TBH, I did have to remove a few of the jalapenos toward the end.  Even though I loved the taste, I was afraid that my stomach would not love me later.

The prices are super reasonable.  Burgers range from four to almost six dollars.  BBQ plates are around $10.00.  I’m looking forward to going back and trying a non-hamburger.  The next table diner had a catfish plate that looked first-rate, and the menu listed a chicken fried steak baked potato that sounded good although that definitely sounds like a sharable lunch.  Other diners have also sworn by the peach cobbler although there was no way I could tackle that after my Ring of Fire.

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