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A quick trip to Greece

October 15, 2011

If you live in Cypress, is it possible to get good Greek food without driving all the way to Niko-Niko’s? The answer is YES!

If you’ve been hankering for a gyro and don’t want to make the trek to the Heights, visit Manny’s Café on Highway 6 and West Road. I would never have picked it, but the Liked Its on Urban Spoon enticed us to give it a try. We drove up to a strip center smack dab behind Carl’s. It’s got maybe 15 tables in it. I hesitated. Do I really want to eat here? How good could it be? It could be, and is great.

Manny’s has a mixture of traditional Greek food and Greeked-up American food like hamburgers with feta. It’s not fancy. It’s a sandwich shop, but everything is fresh, fresh, fresh, and fairly priced. Both of us ate for $13 if that tells you anything.

Ken had a gyro with a side salad (which I stole). The gyro was huge. Now, I’m not too much of a gyro fan—lamb is not my fav, but this one was really tasty. The pita was soft and squishy (how did they get it that way?), the lamb / beef mixture was expertly seasoned and the sauce on it was amazing. Really, the pita was so good I could’ve made a meal on those by themselves. The side salad was not some brown-edged iceberg lettuce crap with bottled ranch dressing, but an actual Greek salad—feta, olives, cucumber, onions, and all, with a homemade Greek dressing.

I had the dolmades with tzatziki sauce. The dolmades were tender and perfectly spiced. You could taste the olive oil, but they weren’t greasy. The tzatziki was eat it with a spoon good—I think it was probably the same sauce as was on Ken’s gyro.

We were too full to get dessert, but they do have baklava if you are so inclined.

We’ll be back. I think I’ll try the chicken pita (with plenty of tzatziki sauce) and a side of Spanakopita on my next Greek holiday.


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