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A Chain Restaurant That is Actually Good!

July 13, 2011

Normally I am not one to enjoy food from chain restaurants—don’t hate on me, but I just don’t like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or Chili’s, so it delighted me to find one that I like. Yes, it is a small chain—but if there are more than three, to me it’s a chain. The restaurant of which I am speaking is Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen.

GMK has eight locations (soon to be nine) in the Houston and surrounding area. While I can’t speak to the food in all locations, the Champions location food was wonderfully fresh and tasty. I’ll start with the chips and salsa. The chips are…..chips. Not bad, but just chips. The green sauce however is creamy and smooth. Yum. I didn’t taste the red sauce, as I was enjoying the green too much.

Today for lunch I ordered the Veracruz Shrimp, sizzling bacon wrapped morsels with caramelized onions and other veggies, with a buttery sauce on the side. Lucky me, I even had a coupon for it! I was able to get four delicious shrimp for $5.00. My fabulous waiter suggested that I also get a side of rice and beans, and since he was just so darn sweet I said okay. I was glad that I did. The black beans were very creamy, topped with freshly chopped tomatoes, and the rice was surprisingly good (normally the rice in Mexican restaurants can only just be tolerated). I also got flour tortillas, which still bore the soft, slightly powdery feel of homemade. These were NOT from a package, which made my daughter happy since she ordered the crispy taco plate except as soft tacos.

The restaurant was clean; the décor was slightly upscale Tex-Mex (those of us that frequent Tex-Mex establishments will tell you that some places are just awful). The wait staff was friendly, and the manager stopped by to make sure that everything was okay. It was more than okay, it was fabuloso!

If you go to Gringo’s website, you can sign up for the Tex-Mex Tribune so that you can get special coupons. You can get to Gringo’s website by clicking here

Gringo's Mexican Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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