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Best. Rings. Ever.

June 19, 2011

I figure that most people don’t want to read too many blogs about books (as evidenced by the declining sales of books at B&N), but most people do want to read about food (as evidenced by everyone’s growing waistline).

Last night my husband and I ate at a sinfully good hamburger joint in Tomball, TX. The name of this particular spot is Mel’s Country Cafe. I know it has been around since 1994, but this was my first visit. The place is nothing special to look at inside or out, but the crowds don’t go for the ambiance–they go for the monstrously large, juicy hamburgers and crispy, hand-dipped onion rings.

We arrived to see a crowd outside the door, and with the heat hovering about 100 degrees at 7:00 pm, I thought twice about the wait. A icy beer pulled from a cooler pacified me and the wait was shorter than expected. We were escorted to our table (complete with red checkered tablecloth). The smell of burgers, fries, tots, and rings wafted though the air. Next to me was a young man eating a mammoth 1 lb. burger with cheese and bacon piled on top, the juice dripping on the plate. He looked very happy.

I ordered a standard cheeseburger, sans onion and mayo, and the DH ordered a double-meat cheeseburger with bacon. We split a side of rings. The meat was a perfectly cooked, hand formed patty, no frozen preformed piece of shoe leather like you’d get at a fast food joint. The vegetables were fresh and crisp. If I had to give it a grade, it would be a good solid A. Then….I tasted the onion rings……

Oh. My. God. Best. Rings. Ever. The rings were delicate slices of sweet onion with a batter that made an audible crunch when my teeth broke through the surface. Not greasy, but they left a delicate film of flavor in my mouth. I had planned on only eating four rings when they arrived at the table (I’m trying to eat somewhat healthy most of the time), but I did end up grabbing an extra two. I could not help myself.

For the more adventurous, young, and hungry, you can attempt to eat a Mega Mel Burger, a beast of a burger with 1.5 lbs of meat, a pound of bacon, a quarter of a pound of cheese, and lots of veggies. If you are successful, you get to put your name on the wall. While we were eating, there was a success! It looked fun.

Here is a link to Mel’s if you are interested in having a truly memorable burger experience:

Until next time—happy reading—happy eating.

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